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Stimming, Autism moms and the future for autistic people with Lauren Melissa (@aspienelle)

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Episode notes

Welcome to the first episode of the adulting with autism podcast 🎉

In this episode I have a chat with Lauren ( an autism advocate who shares tips for aspies over on instagram

In this conversation we cover

  • What it's like to seek a diagnosis in the states
  • Autism moms
  • Positive changes that are happening in the world
  • Stimming
  • Self care

If you find the podcast helpful and want to show your support please share it with someone you know, be it in a facebook group, on twitter or on your instagram story wherever you want!  I still remember the day i got sent a link to what's now my fav podcast so help a mate out this could be there's don’t deprive them of the privilege.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a link to Chronic Con but will share one when I find it.