Music Tectonics

Music Customization and Sync Licensing with Ryan Wines, CEO and founder of Marmoset and Track Club

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Episode notes

These days, nearly all content being created features music, so how are content creators finding the music they need and safely tackling sync licensing hurdles? Ryan Wines, CEO and founder of Marmoset and Track Club, joins this week’s episode to explore the world of music curation, stems, and music licensing. Learn more about Marmoset, the music agency providing meticulously curated music licensing, award-winning music production, and unique artist collaborations for sync licensing, advertising, film, TV, and social media content. Find out how Trackclub’s latest feature, Mixlab, allows users to customize and download stem groups from any song on the platform and perfectly customize the audio to meet their needs. Ryan dives into emerging trends such as long form vs short form video and authenticity.

How are tiktokers, youtubers, instagramers embracing new trends and technology? Find out on this week’s episode. 



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