What Do You Actually Do?

I ❤ Compliance, with Kate Pyle

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Episode notes

Kate is the Compliance and Corporate Services Manager at St Leonard's Hospice.

For more information on working in the healthcare sector and St Leonard's see: 

  • Healthcare sector: https://www.prospects.ac.uk/jobs-and-work-experience/job-sectors/healthcare/overview- of-the-healthcare-sector-in-the-uk 
  • Healthcare management roles: https://www.prospects.ac.uk/job-profiles/health-service-manager 
  • NHS graduate management trainee scheme: http://www.nhsgraduates.co.uk/the-scheme/ 
  • St Leonard's: https://www.stleonardshospice.org.uk/About

Find the transcript for this episode here (http://bit.ly/WDYAD5)