What Do You Actually Do?

What do you actually do if you're graduating in a global pandemic?!: 2022 edition

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Episode notes

The worst of the pandemic might (hopefully) be behind us but the world of work has permanently changed because of Covid-19.

Remote working is here to stay for many people and some sectors hit hard by the pandemic are still to properly recover. For our students, you may have had fewer chances to build up work experience. What does all this mean for your graduate job search?

In this episode we hear Kate and Enrico Reuter, lecturer in public and social policy, reflect on this and answer questions from York students. They also listen back to highlights from past podcast episodes.

We released Part 1 of this podcast back in summer 2020.

Full transcript and useful links on our blog.

In this episode you hear clips from:

A career in corporate social responsibility, with Daniel Arda

Working in heritage, with Paul Backhouse

From TV to tech, with Vivien Chung

Talking census: a career in genealogy, with Christina Copland

Changing fast: working in agile project management, with Alison Critchley

Starting a Startup, with Phil Daneshyar

Running an advertising firm, with Luke D’Arcy

Placement year in a political think tank, with Andrew Gloag

Marketing in the museum, with Tasha McNaught

Making a splash, with Tom Pagett

How to make a portfolio career work, with Dan Rutstein

Flirting with Algorithms, with Harpal Sahota

Training to be a lawyer, with Alex Stewart-Moreno

Changing careers: switching heritage for accounting, with Alice Yevko