What Do You Actually Do?

Imposter syndrome: how to deal with it in university, work and everyday life

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Episode notes

Something a bit different in this episode - Kate speaks to two Uni of York colleagues about imposter syndrome. What is it? Why does it happen? How can you deal with it? What support is out there for you?

In Careers we hear a lot of students mentioning impostor syndrome in relation to their studies and career planning. We also hear it from graduates - and it's come up on the podcast a lot! - so we thought it was time we addressed it head on. Feeling like a fraud and doubting your skills and talents is really common, but don't let it hold you back. In this episode Kate, Jo and Gemma give their top tips and personal experience about improving wellbeing. 

Jo Hardy is Student Wellbeing Programme Manager and Gemma Cormican is a Mental Health Practitioner in the Open Door team. 

There's a transcript on our blog.

Need some help with this? Check the Student Wellbeing pages or come speak to us in Careers if it's affecting your career planning.