Mind Canyon / Where Are The Butlers (The Pioneers)

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Episode notes

Have you ever seen a butler? No you f***ing haven't. So what happened? Improv team The Pioneers (https://www.facebook.com/ThePioneersImprov/) join Charlie and Steve as they search for the truth. Check out more from our guests: Kirsty Cooke (https://www.instagram.com/kizcakes/) and Robert Frimston (https://twitter.com/RFrimston)

Mind Canyon Theme - Steve Dawson
Funk Tension - Steve Dawson
Kevin MacLeod - Icicles Melting
Hidden Truth - Rafael Krux
Beethoven - Sonata No. 31 in A Flat Major, Op. 110 - I, Moderato cantabile molto espressivo - Carlos Gardels
Asking Questions - Rafael Krux
Canon in D Long - Apple (Associated Production Music)
Powerful Stasis - Soft and Furious
Warm Pad - Steve Dawson
Horror Mystery - Rafael Krux
Kevin MacLeod - A Little Faith