Mind Canyon / 2020 Apocalypse (Ruth Bratt, Naomi Petersen, Lola-Rose Maxwell)

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Episode notes

2020 is the last year ever. Happy new year! Find out how and when we will all die in this episode of the Mind Canyon podcast. Starring:  Ruth Bratt (https://www.curtisbrown.co.uk/client/ruth-bratt), Naomi Petersen(https://naomipetersen.co.uk/) and Lola-Rose Maxwell(http://johndoemgt.com/actresses/301).

Mind Canyon Theme - Steve Dawson
Favorite - Alexander Nakarada
Vintage Party - Rafael Krux
A Turn for the Worse - Kevin MacLeod
Ambient Wait - Komiku
Action Strike - Rafael Krux
Thinky - Steve Dawson
2017 02 01 in C Major - Kevin MacLeod  
Arpent - Kevin MacLeod
Patience Part - Rafael Krux
Dreams of Vain - Rafael Krux
I Care - Loyalty Freak Music