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Why Your Company’s Culture Matters— Especially in the Throes of Systemic Inequalites with Dan Bruder

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Dan Bruder is the CEO of Fusion Dynamics Group, an international strategy and leadership consulting firm based in Colorado. He has an accomplished background in executive leadership, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing operations, brand development, customer service, and corporate finance. Drawing on his 30-plus years of personal leadership, he created The Blendification® System, a series of workshops and keynotes blending culture, strategy, and execution to help companies, individuals, and communities realize their potential. He is a faculty member of Colorado State University’s Executive MBA program and the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Graduate Leeds School of Business. Learn more about his new book, The Blendification® System, at The Blendification® System Book at Amazon: TedTalk: Website: LinkedIn Profile: Published Articles:

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