Crime Beat / Natasha Farah's final goodbye | 10

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Nancy Hixt shares a story that highlights how fragile life can be. On a crisp summer evening in August 2014, a young woman was enjoying a night out with some friends in downtown Calgary. Natasha Farah, 26, was originally from Toronto, but came to Calgary a year earlier for work and to further her education. That night, Farah was feeling especially nostalgic and had a long heart-to-heart with her best friend and also called her mother back home in Toronto. Neither of them realized how precious those talks would later become. That night, the group of friends stayed right until closing time, and after that, they kept visiting out front of the club, not wanting the night to end. That’s when gunfire erupted. A series of shots were fired into the air — and then into the crowd. One of those bullets hit and killed Farah – an innocent bystander. Witnesses watched as the gunman took off in a getaway car. Follow along to learn how detectives and forensic crime scene investigators worked together to track the killer.