Ask The Therapist / How to Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions and Make Healthy Habits Stick

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In this episode:

0.55 Sarah introduces the topic of the episode

2.10 Why don't your resolutions work?

3.20 Why simple changes are best

4.00 How to replace bad habits with better ones and why this is important

7.20 How to break your goals down into short, medium and long term

8.00 How to review your goals regularly and why this is important

11.50 Pleasure versus pain

12.30 How Sarah quit smoking

14.55 How to use visualisation to help you keep you on track with your habits

16.30 Limiting beliefs that are stopping you from reaching your goals and how to overcome them

20.45 How to reverse engineer what makes you motivated

22.00 Why you need to stop criticising yourself

24.30 Focus on the daily habits not just the big end goal

26.20 Why having an accountability partner is so helpful


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