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92: 🇺🇸 Jason Greenblatt: will Biden unmake Trump’s Middle East peace? In the Path of Abraham

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Episode notes

Jason Greenblatt joins us for a second time as he looks on at how the Abraham Accords has matured since those historic signings in 2020. In our last instalment, Jason had just left Washington DC after co-writing President Trump’s "Peace to Prosperity Plan for Palestinians and Israelis" with Jared Kushner and US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. It was a breakthrough document which helped seal the first four Abraham Accords agreements. Now he’s here to discuss his book, “In the Path of Abraham: How Donald Trump Made Peace in the Middle East - and How to Stop Joe Biden from Unmaking It”. Throughout our two interviews, Jason’s instinct for families and the worlds that revolve around them - on both sides - has always been at the fore: that each person he’s negotiated with is also a family man with roots, dreams and a future. I’d like to think this interview has a texture of two people who’ve come to know each other a bit better. I’ve come to respect Jason’s work in the pursuit of peace - always based on the realities. Will President Joe Biden pursue the amazing breakthrough of the Abraham Accords or will he and his administration continue to bolster Iran’s nuclear ambitions? And would he return to Washington if Donald Trump became President again? This is Jason Greenblatt. Jonny Gould’s Jewish State is supported by UK Toremet. Help support Jonny Gould’s Jewish State (including Gift Aid) at