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58: 🇵🇸 Gaza: Israel and the Jewish diaspora under attack

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Episode notes

This is Israel’s fourth Gaza conflict since 2008. There is no sign this will be the last. Israel’s citizens have never faced this pace and ferocity of rockets. Yet 90% of the murderous missiles are shot out of the sky by the Iron Dome radar defence system. Today’s episode is a detailed briefing by the IDF and Israeli police. Support Jonny Gould’s Jewish State: Paypal: Patreon: Kofi: Find Jonny on Social Media: Israel’s disengagement and withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 was a unilateral dismantling of 21 towns in Gaza with complete evacuation of Israeli citizens and the IDF. But this latest conflict has quite a different feel. It’s a more urgent one - and is being felt worldwide. Rampant antisemitism has been ramped up and agitated by convoys of cars draped with Palestinian flags driving, hooting and loudhailing calls for murder and rape through Jewish areas of London A police officer was caught siding with protestors even as they were confronted and attacked by some making up the same protest. And football’s authorities look on as Wembley’s prestigious FA Cup Final witnessed players show off a Palestinian flag while Met Police contained violence in the West End at the same time. Because that wasn’t called out, the same happened at Manchester United as small post-pandemic crowds handed World Cup winner Paul Pogba the same flag to show the Premier League’s rights holders the state of English football around the world. Blue tick influencers, cheerlead the terror given it a sheen of legitimacy and respectability. Clashes are happening inside Israeli cities between Jews and Arabs, Disturbances and demonstrations and the shock of seeing a synagogue burned down by rioters in Lod, not Łódź. This is a whole new challenge to the IDF, Shabak (or Shin Bet, homeland security) and of course, the Israel Police. Gaza’s indiscriminate rockets, designed to destroy Israel’s Jews is actually also killing Muslim Arabs, a Hindu carer for the elderly and rural agricultural workers from Thailand. Israel is bracing itself for a ceasefire before the stash of Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s rockets and mortars is spent. 🎙This is a Ministry of Foreign Affairs' news conference featuring IDF Spokesman, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus and Police spokesman, Micky Rosenfeld with assembled media representing UK and US media - including Jonny Gould’s Jewish State. With thanks to Ohad at the Embassy in London.