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Episode notes

In this solo episode, I ran through some of the best ideas from my "Notes" app. Whenever I find an interesting point or lesson from someone way smarter than me, I make a note of it in the app. So I wanted to break down what the idea is, my interpretation of it, and how to put it into action.

The 6 ideas I covered:

1) "Emotions are value-neutral. That is, I can be happy for great reasons and I can be happy for terrible reasons. I can be anxious for great reasons and I can be anxious for terrible reasons. The value of the emotion is in the reason for the emotion, not in the emotion itself." - Mark Manson, Author (3:54)

2) (On writing jokes) "If you trim too much fat, you lose the flavor." - Andrew Schultz, Comedian (8:33)

3) "You have to worry some. But after the 18th lashing against yourself, you have to ask "is this useful?" Not: 'I am angry.' Instead: 'There is anger.'" - Dan Harris, on the Tim Ferriss Podcast (18:34)

4) "Over Productivity —> Complacency. Hyperproductive mornings lead to complacent afternoons." - Not sure. (20:44)

5) "True wealth = The health of me and my family. Never feeling rushed." - Khe Hy, (28:45)

6) "The problem is... sincerity is not cool. Sincerity does not entertain. Sincerity is lame. It’s also incredibly easy to criticize or show to be hypocritical." - Mark Manson, Author (39:52)

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