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I had been trying to get Luka on the podcast for longer than a year, so I was stoked when we finally got this time to chat. Born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he gives credit to basketball, fitness, and coaches in taking him from going down the wrong path in crime, to becoming a professional basketball player in the elite European Leagues as well as the NBA Summer Pro League. After his professional career, Luka went into his passion of training to affect others like the coaches that changed his life. He has been a coach for 15 years. He's a veteran in the fitness space and I look up to him in many ways, but how much he cares about mastering his craft is second to none.

In this episode, Luka dropped knowledge for days, so it's one you'll have to listen to to catch everything. But I can guarantee this: you'll leave this episode smarter than you went in. Enjoy!

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