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Episode notes

I first heard Danny on his podcast (The Danny Miranda Podcast) a few months ago when he interviewed fellow friend and fitness coach, Mike Vacanti, but I didn't continue following his work. That is, until recently, when I got more involved in startup/business Twitter. Danny kept popping up through likes and retweets, so I checked him out and really liked his content. I looked through his podcast guest list, then realized who he was. So I reached out and told him I wanted to connect, and this amazing episode was the result. Danny is the host of the Danny Miranda Podcast, where he's interviewed names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Jack Butcher, Jordan Syatt, and more.

In this episode, we cover:

-Why his grandma hates mushrooms/psychedelics so much

-How he's turned to optimism over the past few years

-Unlearning his past and how meditation has helped

-What does his "highest version" look like?

-Are you making your 10-year-old self proud and 80-year-old self proud?

-His wild transformation from "Danny 1.0" to "Danny 2.0"

-Danny's experience with #75Hard

-When he's down, who does he look to for inspiration?

-Crazy story of how Danny got the chance to interview Gary Vaynerchuk

-Does he fear claiming the "optimist" identity?

-Why Danny used a pseudonym on social media

-Understanding yourself

-Getting over the fear of judgment from friends

-Crazy moments of serendipity in his life

-Dealing with comparison and not getting caught up in following hyper-successful people

-How do you figure out what you should want?

-Stand-up comedy

-Me telling Danny to have his friends on his podcast

-His alternative life career

-And much more!

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