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Youth workers can support young people at risk of violence better than teachers!

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Episode notes

Can youth workers support young people at risk of violence better than teachers? Surprisingly, Laura thinks so, and Ndidi has always been behind a joined-up approach between schools and youth centres to tackle this ever-difficult issue. But how can we get tangible results that support young people in this situation?


We have some impressive guests to help answer that question – our first guest is Leroy Logan MBE, Author and former Superintendent in the MET Police. He is also a former chair and founding member of the Black Police Association. Our second guest is Kimberley Campbell-Lamb, Head of Bedfordshire’s Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit.


The group talk about the importance of youth workers in areas where gangs are prevalent, how early intervention is key, and how desperate teachers are for money to be spent on broader youth services to support young people at risk of violence.


This week’s #AskYouth question is: “What services or professionals are there to help young people who are involved in violent activity, or at risk of being harmed?” We hear from a 21-year-old student and a 24-year-old assistant producer.


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