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Episode notes

In today’s ‘mane’ episode, there’s no horsing around as we take gallop through the etymological equine world. 

Susie explains what the name Duncan and donkeys might have in common, why we might have ‘walloped’ instead of ‘galloped’, how ponies are linked to chickens and why we need to take a trip to Canterbury to uncover the origin of the canter.

Gyles serenade us with a stallion of a song before - of course – treating us to a rather decadent name drop about the Italian jockey, Frankie Dettori. Susie also shares a few stories of her own pony, Tic-Tac as she takes us on a hack down memory lane.

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Enjoy Susie’s Trio for the week: 

Bayard: All the self-confidence of ignorance

Attercop: A Spider

Grimthorpe: To restore (an ancient building) with lavish expenditure with no taste.

Gyles' poem this week is from the book “Words From The Wild” by Mark Graham


Photographers are so serious

And often quite uptight 

I love to pop up in their zoom 

It gives them such a fright 

Best of all the close ups though 

Above them in a tree 

When as they focus on my face 

I sprinkle them with wee 

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