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Episode notes

Today we are celebrating Women’s History Month and looking at the pioneering writer, Toni Morrison. 

From her poem, ‘Someone leans near’ to her debut novel, ‘The Bluest Eye’, Susie and Gyles delve into the books, poetry, and legacy of the Nobel Literary Prize winner. We encounter Levi Roots, a trip to Princeton and a recount of the time Gyles met her (of course!) as we look at her life, work, and the impact that she has had on the English language.

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Enjoy Susie’s Trio for the week: 

Gutling: A great eater, a glutton.

Anythingarian: One who professes no creed in particular; an indifferentist.

Unlike: To give up liking; to cease to like



Gyles' poem this week was 'Beside Tragedy' by 'Grace Nichols'


Beside Tragedy she is always damned

So seemingly carefree to the woes of the world

So seemingly enamoured of her own god giving laughter 

But who sees her waxing tears in the nights deep calm

Or knows that she too rides out the dark storm 

Who hears her whisper, ‘oh tears you too stem from the gift of salt’ 


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