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Why The Wealthy Should Be Paying More Tax with Photobox Founder, Graham Hobson

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“Entrepreneurship is a process of natural selection. You can't ever guarantee that the playbook you're going to follow is going to guarantee success.” 

In this week’s 40 Minute Mentor episode, we’re joined by Graham Hobson, the Founder of Photobox, a photo printing company that acquired Moonpig and was later sold for a reported £400 million.

Today, Graham is an angel investor, mentor and advisor, working to support climate change initiatives, fairer tax and social impact. 

In this episode, Graham shares candid insights into the brilliant journey he’s taken Photobox on and the chapter that followed, including: 

➡️ How Graham’s upbringing and natural inclination to not follow a traditional path has brought him to entrepreneurship [07:54] 

➡️ Why social mobility played a huge part into the leader he is today [09:37] 

➡️ How Photobox was created on Graham’s commute to and from work and what the early years were like [11:58] 

➡️ How Graham and his Co-Founder Mark navigated the bumpy growth journey Photobox was on  [18:38] 

➡️ Graham’s candid advice for anyone looking to merge businesses [23:37] 

➡️ How he transitioned from CEO to CTO and the challenges that came with that [26:56] 

➡️ Why Photobox acquired Moonpig and what exiting the business was like for him [30:11] 

➡️ Why it didn’t take a long time for Graham to get back into work after exiting Photobox and his advice for any Founders preparing for their exit [34:12] 

➡️ Graham’s involvement in driving for higher taxes for the Wealthy and why this is a topic so close to his heart [40:58] 

➡️ What Founders should keep in mind as they navigate the economic downturn and impending recession [47:52] 


⛳ Helpful links:

➡️ More about Graham: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grahamhobson

➡️ More about Photobox: https://www.photobox.co.uk/


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