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From Burnout To Improving Team’s Mental Health with Sançar Sahin, Co-Founder of Oliva

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“Everybody has something, everybody is travelling through this thing called life, and life is not all sunshine and rainbows.”

Did you know, around 12 billion working days globally, are lost every year to depression and anxiety? 

These staggering stats find us amidst a mental health crisis, and a huge demand for increased support for employee wellbeing…

What gives you energy? And what takes it away? What boundaries do you set?

Figuring this out is at the heart of wellbeing for this week’s 40 Minute Mentor, Sançar Sahin, Co-Founder of Oliva, a platform that provides proper mental health care for employees.

How is Oliva different? They provide on demand therapy, coaching, classes and content to help your people show up feeling their best AND doing their best work… all in one platform. After all, what is a successful company without healthy employees? 

Our mental health, much like Founder life, is full of ups and downs, and we are continuing the conversation around wellbeing in today’s episode, where you’ll uncover:

➡️ The journey from marketing to disruptive Founder [05:14]

➡️ Building more than a SaaS solution [11:22] 

➡️ Digging deeper to reveal employee struggles [15:24]

➡️ Combining technology and people [17:23] 

➡️ How Oliva can enhance your employees wellbeing [22:09]

➡️ Pivotal moments of realising you’re burnt out [26:55]

➡️ Looking after your mental health as a Founder and looking after your team [33:16] 

➡️ Wellbeing benefits that actually make a difference [36:25] 


⛳ Helpful links:

➡️ More about Sançar: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sancarsahin/

➡️ Check out Oliva: https://www.oliva.health/


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