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Closing The Financial Literacy Gap With Your Juno Founders Margot & Alexia de Broglie

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Episode notes

In this episode we’re joined by sisters, Margot and Alexia de Broglie, Co-Founders of Your Juno - an app widely referred to as ‘the Duolingo of Finance’ and on a mission to empower women and non-binary people through financial education. 

The de Broglie sisters give us an exclusive insight into Your Juno’s amazing journey from conception to over 10k downloads and raising £1.6 million. 

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⛳️ Helpful links:

➡️ To find out more about Margot, head to https://www.linkedin.com/in/margot-de-broglie/

➡️ To find out more about Alexia, head to https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexia-de-broglie/

➡️ To learn more about Your Juno, check out https://www.yourjuno.co/

➡️ Our episode with Chipper Cash’s Founder & CEO, Ham Serunjogi - https://jbmc.co.uk/insights/40-minute-mentor/unlocking-global-opportunities-with-chipper-cashs-ham-serunjogi/