The MotorMouth Podcast / Ep 69 Brain Tumour Charity Special (Richard Jones from Williams F1)

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Episode notes

This is an important episode. Please share this far and wide!

The second of our special shows in partnership with The Brain Tumour Charity. Our first show in this series focussed on Harry's story of sadly losing him mum in 2018 to the underfunded disease. This week we speak with Williams F1 Team Planning Director, Richard Williams who lost his sister Ellie in 2020. This show is dedicated to her memory.

Thanks so much to Richard for talking to us about this difficult subject. We truly hope this story helps someone out there and of course, raises important awareness of the work The Brain Tumour Charity are doing.

The charity is dedicated to the funding, research and awareness of brain tumours, aiming to reduce diagnosis times and provide support and information to people and families being affected.


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