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TKE: How food can build a better future with Rosie Brown, Cook co-founder

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The frozen food brand Cook is a true family business. Co-founder Edward Perry was inspired by his parents’ frozen cake company to set up Cook and then joined in the business by brother James and sister Rosie, who’s now co-CEO.

An early B Corps, Cook has donated two million meals to children living in some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the world and gave away more than 200000 meals to the needy during Covid.

Thanks to initiatives to employ ex-offenders, a profit share and the living wage, they’ve also consistently been voted one of the Sunday Times’ top 100 businesses.

But the company has faced some tough times financially too and Rosie tells Mary about how vital it was to stick their core values during them.

They also discuss how food has taken centre stage over the past year - from panic buying to eating at home again (and again) - and how the wider food industry has made some big steps in recent years with increased organic production and a focus on reducing waste and plastic, but there’s still a lot to be done. 

Mary's new book, Rebuild: how to thrive in the new Kindness Economy is available to buy now.

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