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Organizing, Circulation, and Muppets EP 159

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Episode notes

Matt Baier discovered his super power organizing skills while working as department head of Design Services at The Jim Henson Company.

Matt’s philosophy on organizing is all about circulation. Think of things moving in and out of your home.

Matt explains entrance/exit depots where you can keep items like your briefcase or your child’s backpack.

And as you organize and declutter, you can have a spot to gather your donations in the garage. His team set this up for Catherine.

Tune in for a super power hour with Matt’s brilliance and decades of experience in home organizing!

And be sure to check out his book ‘The Circulation Solution’.

Matt's Bio

Matt is the owner of Matt Baier (by-er) Organizing, LLC which began in 2004.

His business features TEAM clutter relief in homes throughout Fairfield County and Westchester county.

He is the author of The Circulation Solution, which features an easy plan for getting AND staying organized.


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