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Meal Planning, Back Pocket Dinners, and Not a Drag EP 158

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Claire Tansey, meal planner extraordinaire wows us with simple ways to get dinner on the table without stress. A food pro, working mom, and solopreneur, Claire takes us through the 5 types of food planning styles - see if you can identify your preferred method. She even reveals which one works best for Catherine.

Claire explains how a customized meal plan can be the gateway to easier, happier, and more fun dinner times. And she offers ideas for quick and easy backup plans and meals on the run.

Meal planning doesn’t have to be a drag. Tune in to learn how!

About Claire:

Claire Tansey is Canada’s Master of Mealtime. She is the author of national bestsellers Dinner, Uncomplicated (2020) and Uncomplicated (2018). She’s been in the food business for over 20 years as a restaurant cook, night baker, test kitchen manager and food critic. Along the way she sang lead in a rock band, got a master’s degree and was Food Director of Chatelaine. Claire is a guest expert on Cityline and CBC Radio and she runs a virtual cooking school where she inspires home cooks with easy, delicious recipes.  

Originally from Montreal, Claire lives in Toronto with her partner, Michael, who eats everything and their son, Thomas, who does not.    



Back Pocket Dinners: https://learn.clairetansey.com/bpds-three-faves

Book: Dinner Uncomplicated

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