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Boundaries, Rest and a Souvenir EP 150

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Episode notes

Catherine starts today’s podcast episode with their family trip to Europe.

Unfortunately they brought home the souvenir of Covid.

Catherine shares the lessons learned around boundaries and the importance of rest.

You can’t have rest without setting those boundaries.

She shares what she deems the best definition of boundaries (in her opinion) from reading Tamara Rosier’s “Your Brain’s Not Broken”. Personal boundaries are everything, especially when you have ADHD!

Catherine also tells her client’s story about asking and how this habit shift changed her life.

And she busts some myths about laziness vs rest.

Lastly, drum roll and special announcement, Catherine is one of the presenters at the international Conference for ADHD in Dallas TX in November! 


Laziness Does Not Exist

Tame your (ADHD) Brain

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