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Organizing Papers – Part 3 of 6 Bonus Replay EP 146

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The average employee spends out about 1/5 of their work time searching for papers. In part 3 of the Mini Series, I take you through a super easy system to declutter the papers on your desk, your chair, your floor… Well you get the idea.

Tune in to learn how F-A-T, the circular filing system, and the Art of Wastebasketry® will help you get organized.

This Mini Series is 6 bite sized trainings with actionable strategies to unclutter your office space, time and information. These are just a few of the pointers I offer in my From Fog to Focus coaching program.

I decided to offer this series to honor the one year anniversary of the global pandemic. Even after a year of working from home, so many people are still struggling with balancing it all. Or they’ve returned to the office and even the simplest tasks of our day to day work has changed.

I’d love to know what has helped you most in this mini series.

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