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Interview #32: Mental Health, Race, Poverty, Addiction and how they're shown on TV (with Dr. Akeem Sule)

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Episode notes

This week we are thrilled to meet Dr Akeem Sule @ak411cam who is a Wolfsom College Research Associate and a Consultant Psychiatrist in General Adult Psychiatry at the Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, co-founder of the Hip Hop Psych movement and facilitates the film club for the Association of Black Psychiatrists. Dr Sule discusses about the exploration of syndemics and addiction in “The Wire”, what “Euphoria” might tell us about the ‘ethical drug dealer’, cultural humility, racism in psychotherapy and generally, why politicians should watch “Top Boy”, how can TV/film makers ensure they get their portrayals of mental illness right and so much more.

Interviewed by  Dr. Anya Borissova - Give feedback here - [email protected] -  Follow us here: Twitter @maudsleypodcast Instagram @maudsleylearningpodcast