Eating Like You Give a Damn / 14: Lies About Protein Exposed by The Game Changers Movie | James Wilks

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What does a winner of The Ultimate Fighter, a five-time Formula One champion, Jackie Chan, the number 1 ranked tennis player in the world, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have in common?

They are just some of the many big names in Hollywood and sports that you’ll find on the world-class team responsible for the highly anticipated, revolutionary new documentary which is fueled by the truth about meat, protein, and strength called The Game Changers.

The film follows the story of James “Lightning” Wilks, a UFC fighter whose world was turned upside down when he discovered an elite group of world-renowned athletes and scientists who prove that everything we had been taught about protein was a lie.

And today’s guest is none other than James Wilks himself to share the goods on why and how this movie came together.

James Wilks is a combatives instructor for the US military (including the US Marines, US Army Rangers, and US Navy SEALs) and a former UFC fighter who won the Ultimate Fighter in 2009. After a shocking discovery regarding gladiators - which he tells us about in this interview - it launched him on a five-year quest for the Truth in Nutrition, modeled after Bruce Lee's Truth in Combat philosophy. 

He put every preconception he had about nutrition to the test, traveling to four continents to meet with dozens of the world’s strongest, fastest, and toughest athletes, as well as leading experts on athletics, nutrition, and anthropology.

What he discovered was so revolutionary, with such profound implications for human performance and health — and even the future of the planet itself — that he had to share it with the world. Is the world ready for what James and his team have to share? We’re about to find out!

In this interview, we talk about:

  • What exactly sets this film apart from any other that utilizes studies on sports nutrition - and human nutrition in general
  • James’s personal experience of measurable performance enhancement that gave him a huge advantage over his competitors just 6-weeks after going plant-based (and strength and fitness enthusiasts, you’ll be blown away by his achievement)
  • And James explains how diet directly impacts your - um - manhood, and how to prevent and reverse erectile dysfunction at every viagra necessary! 




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