Take on Board / Boards have a big role to play in wellbeing, health and safety - Samantha McGolrick explains

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga is speaking with Samantha McGolrick about the power of organisations to improve the health, happiness and resilience of our society. Sam's niche is in educating board members on effective governance & leadership of wellbeing, health and safety matters as a means through which the board can cultivate a culture where people feel they matter and create spaces where people leave work in a better condition than when they arrived. And given we spend over ⅓ of our lives at work - okay that's a bit depressing - organizations have the potential to improve the health, happiness and resilience of our society. And Samantha has some thoughts on how boards can help. Contact Samantha or find out more about her: https://www.samanthamcgolrick.com/ Resources mentioned in this episode: Lead with Heart in the Boardroom: https://www.samanthamcgolrick.com/lwh/ The Ladder of Inference - https://www.samanthamcgolrick.com/43-if-you-consider-yourself-open-minded-this-may-surprise-you/ Regenerative nature of governing versus the old paradigm with Carol Sanford - Episode 79 - https://www.helgasvendsen.com.au/episode-79-carol-sanford Why you should find your 'WHY' with Trish Hansen - Episode 89 - https://www.helgasvendsen.com.au/episode-89-trish-hansen FOR MORE TAKE ON BOARD INFORMATION: Decision 84: https://www.decision84.com/ Take on Board listeners get a 10% discount using TAKEONBOARD10 as discount code. Join the Take on Board community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TakeOnBoard/ Follow along on Twitter: @TakeOnBoard For more information about Helga Svendsen: https://www.helgasvendsen.com.au/ Interested in working with Helga? https://www.helgasvendsen.com.au/workwithme Contact Helga: [email protected]