Take on Board / Regenerative nature of governing versus the old paradigm with Carol Sanford

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga is speaking to Carol Sanford about the regenerative nature of governing versus the old paradigm. Carol is on the board of the JLFoundation which educates and collaborates with other boards to use Living Systems thinking in educating, decision making, and pursuing change. She has worked with Fortune 500 and new economy executives in designing and leading systemic business change and design. Through her university and in-house educational offerings, global speaking platforms, multi-award-winning books, and human development work, Carol works with executive leaders who see the possibility to change the nature of work through developing people and work systems that ignite motivation everywhere. She is: •Exec Producer, The Regenerative Governing Body Community (for-profit, not for profit, advisory, directors) •Senior Fellow of Social Innovation, Babson College •CEO, The Regenerative Paradigm Institute, •Educator and Social Change designer for people in change agents roles, organizational leaders who aspire to making a difference, business and organizational teams pursuing non-displaceability. •Author of Five best-selling, award-winning best-selling books, including The Regenerative Life: Transform Any Organization, Our Society, Your Destiny, No More Feedback, The Regenerative Business. All five books are built around case stories of specific transformation in people, business, community and regions. •Exec Producer, The Regenerative Business Summit and •Producer & Talent, Business Second Opinion Podcast. This episode is going to challenge you rethink boards and how you see governance. It will really get your mind fired up as we start the year! Contact Carol or find out more about her: https://carolsanford.com/ Resources mentioned in this episode: Books by Carol Sanford: https://carolsanford.com/books/ FOR MORE INFORMATION: Board Accelerator 2021: https://www.trybooking.com/BLWWY) Join the Take on Board community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TakeOnBoard/ Follow along on Twitter: @TakeOnBoard For more information about Helga Svendsen: https://www.helgasvendsen.com.au/ Interested in working with Helga? https://www.helgasvendsen.com.au/workwithme Contact Helga: [email protected]