Take on Board / Benchmarking psychological safety in the boardroom with Carolyn McSweeny Grant

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga is speaking with Carolyn Grant about psychological safety in the boardroom and it relates to decision-making. Carolyn is an Advisory Board member to Civic Ledger, Samford Support Network and Cerge Pty Ltd. She is an advisor, author and creator of tools and frameworks founded in neuroscience, to provide evidence based insights, to improve the quality of our decisions and the implementation of them in organisations. Carolyn is the author of the "People + Science Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark 202-2021 (Aust) . In addition she is author of the "Legacy Leadership - the emergence of a new leadership model after more than a decade of crisis" book and leadership training competency framework. Carolyn's research has explored "The Value in Emotional Engagement in Customer Interactions" and the "Psychological Safety of Boards and its Effect on Decision Making". Passionate about identifying emerging best practices and helping organisations master them, Carolyn has designed a Best Practice People+Science © Communications Framework and the People+Science Psychological Safety Assessment Tool for boards and organisations. Contact Carolyn or find out more about her: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolynmcsweeneygrant/ Resources mentioned in this episode: People + Science Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark 202-2021 (Aust) - https://www.6peas.com.au/product/people-science-psychological-safety-benchmark-2020-2021-aust/ The Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark - summary https://www.6peas.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/BOARDROOM-PSYCHOLOGICAL-SAFETY-BENCHMARK-REPORT-2020-2021-HIGHLIGHTS-ONLY.pdf Book: The Cave - The Inside Story of the Secret Plans and Unsung Heroes that Helped a Team of International Experts Pull off the Dramatic Thai Cave Rescue https://www.booktopia.com.au/the-cave-liam-cochrane/book/9780733340130.html Women On Boards https://www.womenonboards.net/ FOR MORE TAKE ON BOARD INFORMATION: Join the Take on Board community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TakeOnBoard/ Follow along on Twitter: @TakeOnBoard For more information about Helga Svendsen: https://www.helgasvendsen.com.au/ Interested in working with Helga? https://www.helgasvendsen.com.au/workwithme Contact Helga: [email protected]