Comedy Club 4 Kids Presents: Radio Nonsense / What if food came burnt and ovens uncooked it? With Sukh Ojla

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Sukh Ojla joins Tiernan to answer two questions from Alice, who is 11 minutes old, and asks about ovens unburning food and talking animals. As you do. The podcast is having a small break after this episode but please do keep sending questions in, and we'll be back before you know it! WE NEED YOUR QUESTIONS! SEND THEM IN TO: [email protected] GROWN UPS: IF YOU CAN BUY US A COFFEE/KEEP COMEDIANS ALIVE RIGHT NOW PLEASE DO SO HERE: YOU CAN ALSO HEAR TIERNAN ON THE SUPER GREAT KIDS STORIES PODCAST HERE: Website: Twitter: @ComedyClub4Kids Facebook: PopJam: ComedyClub4Kids Hosted by Tiernan Douieb. Music by Paddy Gervers. Design by Cal Prendergast.

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