DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation / Terra Newell | Survivor + Advocate 'Dirty John'

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Episode notes

Welcome to the third episode of DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation. This one has been tough to keep a secret! I am beyond thrilled to share my conversation with Terra Newell! If you don't already know her story you will hear how she survived a violent attack by none other than 'Dirty John.' Since that time, Terra has been working on her healing and helping others identify red flags and coercive abuse. Despite these heavy topics, we manage to giggle and I definitely learned more about Terra than I'd previously known Enjoy! If you liked this episode and enjoy this podcast, be sure to subscribe, and please rate + review on iTunes! DIE-ALOGUE is a Yellow Tape Inc. Production. Hosted by Rebekah Sebastian. Edited by Chris Gersbeck. Original theme music by Olivia Himes. Continue the conversation with us on: INSTAGRAM + FACEBOOK! Thanks for exploring the  of true crime with me! Rebekah


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