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For the MOAS summer 2022 episode Laura interviews Namulanta Kombo, the host of the award-winning Dear Daughter. The podcast is a BBC World Service series and won Gold in the Family category and was named Podcast of the Year in the recent British Podcast Awards.

Namulanta is based in Nairobi, Kenya, and started the podcast a year ago after winning an international competition from the BBC World Service. The idea began with her writing letters to her own daughter, and the podcast extended this to include wider contributions globally - what do women write about to the younger generation. The series is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always warm and interesting. It was an absolute pleasure to speak to Namulanta and find out more about her life, the podcast and her journey to make it. 

Dear Daughter can be found as a podcast on BBC Sounds or as show on the BBC World Service. You can also listen on your favourite podcast app.

To reach out to Namulanta you can do so via Twitter and Instagram @namulanta. Her podcast recommendations were:

The Moth

The Comb

Jesus and Jollof


Mother of All Solutions is presented and produced by Laura Broderick, with music by Ros Fraser. The show was nominated in the Family category of the British Podcast Awards 2022.

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