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Chocolate Box Selections - We road test Customer Helplines for good allergy information

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Episode notes

'Tis the season for lovely tubs of Quality Street, Celebrations, Heroes and biscuit assortments passed round offices or left under the tree to enjoy on Christmas Day!  Selection packs like these usually list allergen ingredients only for the combined contents, not for each sweet or biscuit.  How are you supposed to know which one is made with hazelnut prallne or egg fondant?   No problem - ring the free Customer Helpline.

Listen in as Allergy Today calls four Customer Helplines - United Biscuits (McVities), Cadbury, Mars and Nestlé - to find out if they can provide allergy information for individual sweets or biscuits, and with their help we attempt to track down the information on their own websites.  It isn't easy, and some of the information is wrong - Cadbury's website suggests their Creme Egg as egg-free....and they categorise egg allergy as "vegetarian"!  

We'd love to hear your experience of dipping into a tub of Quality Street or Heroes, do you take  risks or steer clear completely (which seems to be the general advice given by the Helplines)? Get in touch via @allergytoday on Insta or Twitter, or email [email protected]