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81. Mental Stamina – Volume with Bri Seeley

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Episode notes

Mental stamina is key to making good decisions as an entrepreneur, and in a society that makes you conform to all sorts of structures, standing out and being yourself is a rebellious act. There's never been a better time for you to have the mental stamina to grow as an entrepreneur.
If you are an entrepreneur, artist, athlete or creative, one who makes something that didn't exist before, then this is for you
In this volume of The Psychology of Entrepreneurship
I interview Bri Seeley about mental stamina & decision fatigue because:

Bri was awarded a Silver Stevie Award in 2020 for Coach of the Year – Business and a Bronze Stevie Award in 2020 for Woman of the Year – Business Services.
She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council,
The author of the best-selling Permission to Leap, and has been seen on The TODAY Show, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo!
She's the top-ranking ‘Entrepreneur Coach' on Google.
She is also the host of the success diaries a podcast that I’ve been on which is so cool.
Bri Seeley … is an entrepreneur, a coach of entrepreneurs, and a believer that we can all get the goals we strive for.

In this episode we speak about:

* The psychology of being an entrepreneur
* The inner game that we can't see, we can't touch, and we can't put our fingers on
* The amount of mental discipline required in entrepreneurship
* Naveen Jain
* Mental Stamina … how to thing about it, how to pursue it and some ideas to increase your mental stamina
* Bri's journey into entrepreneurship
* Decision Fatigue … why we don't make certain decisions and how they make us tired
* How to reduce decision fatigue by keeping your bigger vision in mind to increase mental stamina
* The stories that we tell ourselves about like, “Oh, I can't possibly have that.”
* The struggles for entrepreneurs vary depending on the stage of entrepreneurship they are at
* Charging what you are worth
* Enneagram … and its theory

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Volume Transcript
Hi. Its Ronsley. If this is your first Volume, Welcome. This is a weekly series where I go inside the mind of an entrepreneur, artist, athlete, academic; to decipher what is the psychology of our decisions.
I’m Australian and I’d like to start by acknowledging the traditional custodians throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and community. I pay my respects to them and their cultures; and to Elders past, present and emerging of the land I am standing on today. I extend my respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who listen to this.
What did you think of volume 80? I’m so glad I’m publishing this podcast again. Because I love the reps of publishing work that I care about.