WHY WE NEED TO DREAM – Award-Winning Author Gary Younge on MLK, Inequality and Race

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Episode notes

A remarkable conversation with a great thinker and giant of journalism who has covered the great stories of our time. We ask what can be learnt from MLK about the fight against inequality? What holds back change and what is the role of journalism? How can America heal under Biden? We talk about the place of idealism in politics and how we can bring together struggles – and win.


Nadia and Nabil speak to the brilliant award-winning journalist, prolific author and now professor of sociology Gary Younge, for a special episode of the EQUALS podcast timed with the Davos Meeting of the World Economic Forum. Gary was formerly editor-at-large for The Guardian, the author of five books including “Another Day in the Death of America”, and as a journalist covered major historical moments around the world.


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