Entrepreneurs Get Visible / 217 Rehumanising Your Audience with a Quiz with Jessmyn Solana

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Episode notes

Today we're talking about how you can give your lead generation an overhaul by using a quiz to bring fresh leads to your mailing list.

I'm joined by Jessmyn Solana, Digital Marketing Manager at Interact, one of the best quiz companies in the world. Jessmyn and I are talking about how you can humanise your content, and what you can do with a quiz as your lead generator.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- What insights you can get by using a quiz on your website

- How you can build better relationships by using a quiz properly

- Why everybody loves to take a quiz

- Why someone would consider a quiz over a freebie, a PDF, or an e-book

- What people are getting wrong about their quizzes

- The best way to get started with creating a quiz

If you put some time, thought and effort into making your quiz, it can be a powerful way to engage with your community, and with the new people who arrive at your door.


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