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S2E4: mar¢el & becca c. — Musicians & Singers | Interview #3

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Episode notes

Last week, we had the chance to interview musicians Ellis Marcel & Rebecca S. Almogela Cabagbag, who go by their artist names as mar¢el (or marcel valentine) & becca c., respectively. They recently collaborated to release a new single titled "i'll be the scott to your ramona," featuring vocals from both and production from mar¢el. Unfortunately, Rebecca was unable to join us for an in-person interview, but we do have some words from her! 

In this episode, we learn about the two upcoming high school seniors and their musical upcomings, from childhood inspirations to their first instruments and school involvement. We explore both artists’ musical processes as well as how they foresee their musical careers to continue. Also, we cover how mar¢el has been doing during the quarantine, talk about his future plans of releasing a mixtape & becoming a musician in Los Angeles, and discuss his pop punk boy band “Extra Credit!” to learn more about their origins, songwriting process, plans for the future, and how they perform.

For anyone with an interest in the world of music creation and performing arts from the perspective of young individuals, or if you would just like to learn more about these artists, this episode is for you.

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• Recorded on Monday, 06/29/20

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