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Episode notes

This week's guest is an undisputed Manchester United Legend - Ryan Giggs. The one-club man won it all at Old Trafford, so there was a lot to get through!

We tried to avoid questions that Ryan always gets asked, so we steered clear of that Arsenal goal... Instead Giggsy spoke about that time he and David Beckham struck a free-kick simultaneously, the dressing room's reaction to his tights in the Manchester Derby, and we got his side of the story from when Bryan Robson tricked him into a Sir Alex Ferguson hairdryer.

The Wales Manager opened up about his transition from flying winger to cultured midfielder, and how he was worried that the club might sell him around that time. He also spoke with great pride about the games where he sat in the hot seat as Man United's Caretaker Manager.

As always, the guys read out some of your e-mails at the end of the episode. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to get in touch.

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