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What Greater Manchester thinks about levelling up | Sedgefield MP Paul Howell | 5 things you need to know about Middlesbrough

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Episode notes

This week's Northern Agenda podcast heads to the North East, where Rob Parsons looks at the politics of Sedgefield and Middlesbrough.

He speaks to Sedgefield MP Paul Howell about the government's levelling up agenda, and the troubles engulfing Boris Johnson in Downing Street.

The Tory politician also discusses why he's campaigning for the hundreds of millions of pounds that's lying dormant in British bank accounts to be spent on left behind towns.

Local democracy reporter Emily Craigie tells Rob about the five things you need to know about politics in Middlesbrough - including the fierce political rivalries, the revolving door at the chief constable's office, and the deprivation faced in the Teesside town.

The Northern Agenda editor also looks at the latest findings on what Greater Manchester residents think about levelling up - the big issue that will likely dominate the next election. He discusses the outcome of the poll with Tom Banks, director of Public First North.

The Northern Agenda is a Laudable production for Reach. It is presented by Rob Parsons and Daniel O'Donoghue, and it is produced by Daniel J. McLaughlin.

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