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Damien Moore MP on war memorials | Professor Helen Marshall on higher technical education | The fight for overall control in Stockport

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Do you know where your local war memorial is? If you do, the Imperial War Museums want to find out, too!

A campaign has been launched to document every war memorial across the nation ahead of Remembrance Day this year.

The drive has the backing of Southport MP Damien Moore, who tells The Northern Agenda's Rob Parsons why it is important to remember both the fallen and the commemorations in their names.

The Conservative MP also answers questions on levelling up, Partygate, and the local elections.

Professor Helen Marshall also appears on this week's podcast, speaking to Westminster editor Dan O'Donohue about a new report that found higher technical education across the UK is in rapid decline.

The vice-chancellor of the University of Salford explains why higher technical education is important for industries across the North - with many workplaces desperately looking for those trained with practical skills.

She also addresses education minister Michelle Donelan's plan to introduce fines for 'cancel culture' on university campuses, arguing that the government "needs to be a bit more realistic".

And local democracy reporter Nick Statham chats to Rob about the battle for overall control of Stockport council in May's local elections, saying that the Tories could be "the kingmakers" of the Labour or Liberal Democrat administration.

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