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Qatar World Cup: How did we get here?

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Episode notes

Host Mark Chapman is joined by The Athletic's Editor-in-Chief Alex Kay-Jelski, Deputy Editor Laura Williamson and Investigations writer Matt Slater, to pause and reflect, just days before the World Cup kicks off in Qatar...

How Qatar retained the World Cup following the controversy surrounding their bid to host. The moral dilemmas of covering and even sending reporters to the tournament, how much Doha has changed in the intervening years and what visiting fans from all over the world can expect.

Plus, how Gareth Southgate and the FA have navigated human rights issues in the lead up to the biggest festival of football in the world, Gianni Infantino's lamentable letter, Jurgen Klopp's aspersions on the media and if sportswashing is really at the heart of Qatar's World Cup project.

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