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#010: How Gallium Nitride (GaN) is Changing the World /w Award-winning Prof. Martin Kuball

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Episode notes

This episode explores a special material called gallium nitride (GaN) that is not only a super efficient semiconductor, but is also changing the tech industry and is destined to disrupt the established silicon industry. GaN tech could save 10% of the electricity consumption in the US alone. And consumers can already purchase products using this high-tech material. To further explore this fascinating material, I interview the multi-award-winning professor Martin Kuball. 


This episode will explain:

  • What gallium nitride (GaN) is
  • The properties that make this material extraordinary
  • What advantages GaN has compared to silicon
  • How GaN is disrupting the silicon industry
  • What challenges there are when developing GaN devices
  • The common misconceptions people have about GaN and what aspects are over-hyped
  • What it really takes to go from research to a groundbreaking innovation and how much effort goes into producing next generation technologies
  • How our future could look like once GaN and next generations batteries are widely deployed
  • What types of skills researches need in order to go from research to product
  • And finally, the biggest surprises and breakthroughs my guest has had during his career as a scientist


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