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Episode 123| A Dam Connection: Reunited And It Feels So Good

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Episode notes

In this week’s episode, the mandem are re-united back in Amsterdam! For the first time since the 100th live episode back in October, the awesome foursome are in the same room and not on Zoom. Vibes a plenty, plenty of laughs and a return to the good ol’ days.

- Kwame’s brand name of socks has Steven in stitches! (03:00)

- Weekly What Made You Smile segment sharing the positive vibes of the week just gone (12:30)

- Yaf asks the group how they feel about going back to work, now a lot of companies have opened up their doors as COVID rules have eased (34:59)

- The group share what they choose as a form of escapism after a long week or a stressful day, one member picks drinking, one selects watching old wrestling clips! (42:01)

- The group ask one another what topics are they complete nerds on( 61:02)

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