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How Committed Are You To Your Niche?

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Episode notes

How niche is too niche? And, how niche are you? 

I know that's a lot of niches in one sentence! But it’s such an important topic that it deserves that many ‘niches’!

Any of you who listen to my podcast regularly or read my content will know that I am a massive fan of niching.

But it strikes me that a lot of people think they have a clear niche, but when I check them out, they don't. They tell me about their niche but when I check their website or social media content, they don’t show up as clearly focused on the niche they claim to be in. Why is this? Well, I think they are hedging their bets.

So, let me remind you why I think having and committing to your niche is so important.

Time Stamp

[1:01] What does it mean to have a clear niche?

[1:54] Why understanding your niche is important

[2:46] Advantages of having a clearly defined niche

[4:06] Tips in figuring out your niche

[5:26] How to stand out from the crowd to more easily reach your target audience

[7:09] Reasons why you must stay committed to your niche

[7:37] The impact of broadening or narrowing down a niche

[8:40] The difference between a generalist and a specialist

[9:52] How my niche has ebbed and flowed over the years

[11:49] Four ways you can segment your niche


“When you have a clear niche. It means you can produce products and services that you know your audience wants, rather than making a huge mistake of selling products that you think they need.” - Rob Da Costa

“When you have a clearly defined niche, you can also REALLY understand your ideal target customer and their specific needs, challenges, pains that your product or service can solve.” - Rob Da Costa

“..niching is definitely one of the ways where you can minimise the pool of your competition and get much more laser-focused on who your ideal target customer is.” - Rob Da Costa

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