Jonny Walks / Ep 5: The WEIRD CEO, how technology will change work and society with Charles Towers-Clark

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Episode notes

Companies need to rethink the way they motivate employees to accommodate the technlogical and societal changes that'll take place over the next fifteen years, says today's guest, Charles Towers-Clark. Having stepped down as chairman of the Pod Group at the end of 2019, Charles published a book called "The WEIRD CEO", which chronicled the fundamental changes he made to how he ran his own company. He's brutally honest about the change process he went through but says if CEOs don't address how they manage their employees, AI will do it for them leaving them with an outdated business. #JonnyWalks is taking a short break now because of Coronavirus. It turns out COVID-19 has disrupted the podcast telling the disruptove stories of SMEs who are making a difference. But with the help of our friends at BOOST&Co, we shall be back, bigger and stronger and determined to tell the story of how robust and brilliant innovators bounced back after this unprecedented crisis.