Travel Goals Podcast / Spooky destinations, Halloween tourism and haunted locations - A deep dive with travel experts

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Episode notes

Halloween towns, haunted hotels and spooky castles are a huge draw for visitors seeking out chilling experiences, haunted happenings and family festivities.

On this special Halloween episode, I speak with a number of travel industry experts about Halloween destinations you need to visit, why Halloween tourism is big business and also the origins of Halloween itself.

Due to the coronavirus restrictions in 2020, many cities like Salem, who normally generate a lot of income through Halloween events are sadly having to cancel the festivities this year.

They aren’t the only destination that’s cancelling their Halloween celebrations with reports of destinations, theme parks and attractions across the world cancelling Halloween parades, events and shows.

Despite the frustration of cancelled events, destinations are working hard to ensure that future events take place and to ensure the growth of Halloween tourism.

Find out what spooky destinations you need to visit in the future!