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S04 E21 The Lightning Round 2

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Episode notes

So when Saki promised to drop another episode, Krang thought he was bull-jivin'. Saki never bull-jives. Krang was hours deep into his weekend (some would say he was in-di-couch, if you catch our drift).

So to keep with Krang's wild soundboard, we switched formats to the second installment of the LIGHTNING ROUND on the Shred Head Pod.

NO ONE IS SAFE! Everyone is a target in Saki's and Krang's scopes.

Oroku Jamaal stops committing crimes long enough to text his uncle a fight scene for the segment so good, Saki forgot what he called it. (It's You Fight Well in the Old Style, btw)

Are women flat-out better than dudes? Sometimes. And we talk about some of those times.

Saki and Krang ponder who they could play in the MCU.

other stuff.

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